Buying A Kitten

Needless to say that buying a kitten – it is responsible and sometimes not easy. After all, a cute fluffy ball will eventually grow into an adult animal that will live near you for more than a decade. First of all, it is necessary to determine the purpose of purchase. What hopes you have on your pet, whether you plan to pursue his show career or breeding. The first thing faced by a potential owner cats are the choice of breed. A huge variety of cat shapes, sizes and colors can thoroughly confuse. It is best to keep yourself in hands and surrender immediately sverbyaschee will "Want a pedigree cat!!!".

For starters go to an exhibition, look at the animals there. I am sure that if you had no preferences before going to the exhibition, then on the way out of there they can be even too much. The main rule when buying a purebred kitten, especially when it comes to the baby, with which you plan to conquer the exhibition peaks - take your time! Be sure to make a note of any breed, talk to breeders, take their coordinates. The next step is the gathering of information on the topic that interests you dog breeds. This is important because there are groups of rocks, apparently resembling one another, and for the beginner in the cat world, and all seemingly the same (for example a group of natural breeds of cats – Maine coons, Siberians, Norwegian forest, etc.). However, these species can vary in temperament, may have their own peculiarities of breeding and cultivation. It's better to discuss in advance of the purchase of a kitten to make you not disappointed in the breed, and kitten – to change owners.

When the breed is selected, you need to determine the sex of the kitten. This moment is also not unimportant. If you buy a kitten just for the soul, it's almost It doesn't matter. Usually kittens are not intended for breeding and, accordingly, for a show career are given metrics with corresponding mark or kittens are sold without documents, with the exception of the veterinary passport. Typically, these kids are perfectly healthy, just not of interest for the further development of the breed, as have deviations from the standard. This does not prevent them from being beautiful and please their owners.

There is an opinion that the cat should give birth at least once "for health". That's not so. If your favorite were assigned in the registration control in the category pet-class animals (without the right to further breeding), it is better for her and for you to resort to sterilization. The same applies to cats. Currently, such operations are performed in each veterinary clinic. This does not harm the health of your pet, on the contrary, will save him from a painful and fruitless "searches" in the period of sexual hunting.

If you decide to buy an animal BREED-(intended for breeding) or SHOW-class (animal for exhibitions and breeding), the sex kitten plays a role. If we are talking about a cat, it is necessary to decide what you are more interested in-exhibition or breeding. If your plans do not include regular visits to exhibitions, but you want to see in your home adorable kittens your beauty, it is not it is necessary to overpay for the show animal. Stop your choice on the kitty BREED-class. Cost cats often depends on her breeding and the exhibition value, rarity or prevalence of the colouration of the cat, from the spectrum of colors that the cat carries genetically. Very likely, what BREED-class cat will be offered to you by the breeder on interesting terms if it is really interesting as a breeding animal this kennel. Terms of sale can be very different. As a rule, it directly affects the cost of the animal. For example, you can sell kitten for half price, but with the condition that you give the breeder 1-2 kittens at the first choice of her litter. If the breed is rare or cat color unique, the breeder can sell it and under the whole litter. Usually all conditions of sale are negotiated individually between the owner and the breeder, after that, both parties sign a contract for the sale of a kitten. The contract must be made all oral agreements to the future there were no misunderstandings between the parties. For a beginner it is very interesting to stay under the wing of an experienced breeder and a well-known kennel, because the help of experienced felinologists you will need more than once!

If in addition to breeding dream to win first place at shows, the choice of cat should be more lengthy, careful and deliberate. Ideally, a show animal is better to choose from together with an independent specialist in this breed or with an expert. However, this condition is for a beginner, as a rule, it is difficult. SHOW the animal better to buy in a reputable kennel. You can also buy SHOW-kitten and the exhibition, especially if the kitten directly participated in it received a rating and description, and possibly a reward. It is not advisable to buy at all young kittens, especially slow-growing species. There is a chance that a pretty kitten with age will become easier in type and lose to his own the litter, which is in a month and a half looked much worse. Today, many exhibition systems introduced a ban on participation in the show kittens up to 3 months. This is very reasonable, because it will avoid the risk of infection with infectious diseases and allow the expert to see more formed kittens.

The situation with the acquisition of a thoroughbred cat-manufacturer is about the same. However, the concept of "BREED" in relation to the cat does not work. Cat-manufacturer should be only SHOW-class and only fine breed type. The fact that cats are often improvers of the breed, because unlike cats can to leave greater number of descendants. Experienced breeders often more than one month waiting for the birth of a decent cat, which can be take in cattery in as a producer. Buying a cat, you have to soberly assess their strength and capabilities. After all tribal a should regularly exhibited, thereby advertising themselves and their children. You also have to take the cats who came to the binding. If all this you does not bother, and your choice is correct, you will not be disappointed. But we must remember that in addition to the beautiful type, there are still many aspects, affect the value of the manufacturer – unique breeding lines, the rarity of the color and originality of genetics.

Very often, beginners in feline lost in the colorful commercials farms, the abundance of information on breeds. Yes and at all, right off the bat not always understandable where to go for the cat. Most potential cat owners the first thing that comes to mind – it's a Bird market. Not recommend. Breeders, as a rule, never carry their kittens to sell to the market. The danger of catching an infection and losing lovingly grown litter will never overpower no economic gain. Buying a "thoroughbred" cat on the market you, in fact, get a pig in a poke. The kitten in addition to diseases and inconsistencies the high class may also have forged documents.

Currently, some pet stores began to sell purebred kittens. Usually they are brought there in the morning and taken in the evening, if they has not been sold. The situation here is somewhat better than in the market. However, stress can also provoke the disease of kids. Most often in the store kittens for sale bring "private owners", that is, the chances to buy a really interesting animal here are small, as they are interesting and promising animals, probably sold before they went to the pet store. In the pet store you can buy just a pet. It should be borne in mind that the price of a kitten it will be quite high, as it includes a lot of additional costs-cell rental, veterinary and transportation costs.

Another thought visiting potential cosculluela – look kitten ads in the paper. Usually refer to Newspapers with free ads. Here chances to buy a decent kitten more, as in addition to classified ads from breeders, individuals (people that contain, for example, only one favorite pussy, which periodically get notes) can be the ads from the kennel owners. According to newspaper ads can easily buy a pet and a BREED-class animal. Chances buy a cat, and all the more a SHOW-class here much less, it will be rather an accident and an exception.

Sale kittens ads in specialized periodic editions of the cat makes sense. Here you will deal with kennel owners, which, as a rule, are very responsible for breeding and selling kittens. However, there is still a chance of error, as the logs do not carry responsibility for them published in the advertising information, a breeder may be a banal broker, or the usual "razmnozhenie» - breeding kittens just for the sake of profit, taking little care of the quality of the grown livestock. However, the chances to buy a decent thoroughbred quite a lot.

You can also contact the club cat lovers. You are sure to help with the selection of the kitten class you are interested in. It's probably, today the most reasonable way to buy both a thoroughbred and a pet. Although here you can make a mistake by not a trustworthy club…

Huge virtual world of the Internet is also replete with message boards-paid and free. Information about the sale of kittens are placed here as "private owners" and nurseries. Chances to get a healthy family pet and BREED-animal as much as the ads in print publications, and maybe a little more, because here you can not only see the parents and the baby, but also to imagine what he grow – looking at pictures of kittens from previous litters and learn about the exhibition career of their ancestors.

Internet also provides a great opportunity to gather information on the breed you are interested in, to get acquainted with the sites of nurseries and clubs, to see pictures of manufacturers, to communicate in forums with experts in the breed and find out their opinions and recommendations now born litters'. Believe me, they surely know of all born-promising kittens, even if they were not born in a competing nursery. Undoubtedly, one of the busiest forums for cat lovers is the forum on CATS-portal . EN the Portal contains a huge amount of information about the breeds, their content and breeding. Sections of rocks are people deeply knowledgeable and respected in the world of feline. On the forum you will be able to obtain comprehensive advice and recommendations. Find out the degree of reliability you liked the cattery where you plan to buy your future cat.

Another common place of sale of kittens - exhibitions. To buy a kitten at the exhibition is quite convenient, as you can immediately see on producers because kittens sold, as a rule, it is for them. Often put kittens in the liter-class (class, which evaluate the quality of the litters), either the breeder puts the kitten show-class individually, to confirm its high level. By purchasing this kitten, you least you risk making the wrong choice.

If you buy a kitten at home from the breeder, be sure to pay attention to the conditions of the animals. It is important that not only kittens, but the adult cats had a well-groomed and healthy. If you have suspicions of ill-health, we offer you baby – better give up from the purchase, especially when it comes to purchasing a show animal for a lot of money. It is better to leave a Deposit and pick up a kitten in 3-4 months age with all vaccinations and necessary tests.

Breeder with a kitten must give you a veterinary passport, with these vaccinations made kitten in the mother's house. If you buy an animal with documents, then you will be given the same metric, which indicates the baby's parents, date of birth, breed, Paul, color. Either same already ready lineage while. As a rule, if we are talking about a kitten show class, the cost of making the pedigree takes on myself a breeder. Buying a BREED-class kitten, especially in cases of sale of the animal on contractual terms, the cost of production of pedigree often lie on the new owner of a kitten.

The responsible breeder will surely offer you to sign a contract of sale. Do not be afraid and do not give up this procedure prematurely. As a rule, such a contract is drawn up very correctly and protects the interests of both parties. The agreement also spells out all the additional arrangement breeder and new owner of the kitten. Read the contract carefully, discuss with the breeder all incomprehensible or embarrassing you items. Treat to sign the contract responsibly and with understanding.

Be sure to find out what the breeder was feeding the kitten so as not to transfer the kitten to a new diet. This is guaranteed to save the baby from upset stomach, and you from an extra $ admirals. Usually a breeder be sure to give along with the kitten food, that the baby was fed in his old home.

As well as a little filler from the cat's toilet to the kitten easily found a lot in the house of new owners.

Finally the search for pet behind and on your home fun turning over little paws, minces fluffy, or ... Oh! such a naked miracle. Now you can be congratulated with the entry into the vast ranks of cat lovers and cat owners and wish every success in the exhibition career, breeding and just in life.

Svetlana Ponomareva, Expert, Breeder, President of the club "Alisa-best".