Siberian breed, Neva masquerade cat - how it was

    The name "Siberian cat" was used in Russia for a long time, in the 17-18 centuries so called big, fluffy, striped cats'. Why such cats were associated with Siberia? Probably because Siberia for the Russian people was still several wild land, full of animals, birds, a land with severe weather conditions - severe frosts, long winters. Exactly this way of Siberia more suited in the population of cats with a heavy bone structure, long hair, etc. Probably, people believed that only such cats can survive in Siberia.

    At the end of the 60 Samples, the artist brought the first "Siamese" cats in Moscow. Of course, it was an animal without pedigrees, just house cats of Siamese color. The first cat show in the USSR, 1987 was shock, bomb! People stood in line for 5-6 hours to see...two or three Persians from the Czech Republic, a few short-haired cats, sea fluffy household Vasek and Murok. But the Commission of enthusiasts (dog club instructor, journalists, veterinarians, just enthusiasts) were trying to find each cat his breed was identified as belonging to a pedigree - Angora, Siamese, Russian blue, of course-Siberians. They should not be judging and criticizing - they were the first who dared to bring the cats out basements and prove that these animals are worthy of respect and love. After the exhibition began to form clubs, held exhibitions, experts were invited.The first judges at cat shows in the USSR (under the auspices of FIFe) were the Czechs Mahelka B., I. Butlerova, Ya Kneva etc.

    In the early 90s there are already standards for the Siberian breed, clearly defined differences between the new breed from Norway and Maine coons, laid the foundations of breeding, prohibited crossing Siberian cats with other breeds, the standard notes important features exterior (wool quality, type). It was truly the Golden days of the breed!

    In parallel with the development of an aboriginal breed of cats of unknown origin was another process. Recall that in "pedigreed" were derived cats of unknown origin, "similar" to Siam, Russian blue, Balinese, etc. FIFe experts from independent clubs tactfully explained to the breeders that it makes no sense to try to withdraw from the mongrel cats "Russian blue", "Siamese", "Balinese", etc. Pedigreed cats "cultural" breeds should be purchased in nurseries, with pedigrees and engage in competent breeding, not to reinvent the wheel in Russian. But the glory of "purebred" cats (and money for sold kittens "documents") has already turned the heads of some breeders. How? Admit that their cat is " just home"? Yes, she has a diploma and rozetochku from the show! To the credit of the representatives of many clubs say that many clubs tried to explain to such owners that it is time for competent breeding and if they are interested, it is necessary to acquire cats from nurseries. Were brought the first Siam and Oriental, the first Balinese with pedigree. The owners of "Siamese" and "Balinese" without pedigree papers identified at the first shows, had to leave the scene. But on their happiness, found "niche" and for them. Allegedly "Siam" became "Thais", there was a breed for "Balinese" - they became " Neva masquerades".

    Owners of domestic furry cats by hook or by crook knit their cats with "Persians", "Siam", received - "palupera" - elegant, large, with a great Persian fur kittens. These kittens famously sold in the poultry Market - was a little pocket of pers, but such mats are sold perfectly. Then everything is clear-the carriers of the Siamese gene gene tally among themselves, according to Mendel's law was visiblelist SLH cats of Siamese color. This is the first way of education "Nevsky" - such lines differ round head, round eyes, large size, massiveness, Persian the structure of wool. Another way of education SLH cats colorpoint colors - from Thai" cats. Random crossing brought cats with Siamese colour SLH cats gave the "Neva" lighter is more "Thai Balinese" - wedge-shaped head, a flattened profile, a more stretched body, mostly wool outer coat, often without undercoat. In the pedigree such cats (in the 90s) was specified Balinese breed.

    The standard for "Neva" was adopted under pressure of "Leningrad's" party of judges and breeders and was virtually equated with the Siberian standard. The standard was adopted at a meeting of Russian clubs (of different systems). Nevertheless, the position of the IPA (International felinological Association) remains the same. The MFA considers the Neva masquerade cat a separate breed and not recommends to mix with the Siberian breed. So, Neva cats began their procession through the exhibition. A more modest, natural coloring Siberians became "lost" against the background of huge, massive, Persian-dressed, "Neva". Exhibitions Siberians have less fall in Besty, you lose the interest of breeders and the public - the era of "Neva". Already Siberians and Neva cross between a (it is necessary to improve the Persian coat),active breeders of Neva unfold the propaganda of "national" breed. To my unfortunately, the public's interest in Siberian "natural" cats is not really great. What are the reasons? The national character of the Russian people - the love for everything foreign, unusual (there is no prophet in his own country) "These cats walk the streets - why should they buy?"(Who so says, of course, not understands, that cat, walking on the street and breed - two different things!) Unfortunately, we do not value our traditions and our national heritage. So had almost lost the breed of dog "the Russian Greyhound", fear, that such a same fate awaits and Siberian cats in Russia. It's time to write them down in the Red book.

    So, Nevskaya dog is not the breed that is native and artificially created Metis on the basis of household SLH cats with crossing blood colorful Persians or Thai cats. Why this breed can not be called aboriginal? The aboriginal breed develops on existing in the habitat of animals living permanently in this climate, whose fenopy complies with the terms of this terrains. It should be "endemic" livestock, i.e. peculiar to these conditions and nowhere else, except this area is not resident. This is their value, originality and beauty. Indigenous breeds are not poured blood "culture" breeds - a valid crossing of, say, Persian and Scottish fold (for the launch of the new colour), but crossing Persian to the Angora, Siberian, Maine Coon, karatu is unacceptable!

    It does not follow from the above that we are against Nevsky in General. No, the question is in another, it is necessary to allocate the Neva in a separate breed, to recognize that they were created with crossing of other breeds, to be judged by a separate standard, to prevent interbreeding with Siberians-the true natives of Russia. You can cite many examples of the FUNDAMENTAL differences between the Neva and Siberians, because the case not just color. There is a significant rascia in the structure of wool (Neva she is thin, tender, strays into mats),in the form head, type, etc. In recent years, Russia has developed a genuine debate on this issue, workshops were held in the main national magazine "Friend" published articles in Internet forums were full of passion. Supporters ' arguments "Siberian origin" Neva touches: - the Siamese gene was ALWAYS present in the population of domestic cats of Russia -Neva the breed is created on the basis of the population of ABORIGINAL cats of Russia SIAMESE color. But, alas, the supporters of the theory "Russia - the birthplace of elephants" can not lead any scientific argument in favor of his theory. There is no historical record of availability such cats in Russia before import of cats of such color in the USSR. There are no images of such cats, they are not mentioned in the annals, neither in his memoirs nor in art, nor in the scientific literature...The current state of the Neva and Siberians is different.

    And still- why do the proponents of the Neva so committed to the idea of "aboriginal any" of the breed? Why the uproar, disturbance and even anger cause simple statements that Nevsky should be separated from Siberians? After all, none of the supporters of the " division" not says, that one breed - the good, and the other - the bad. They are DIFFERENT! Why cling to the title of "national" breed the breeders of Neva? The answer is simple - "sticker", "label" - the national breed is useful in the sale of kittens, especially abroad. Who will buy the "Russian ragdoll" - a breed created artificially? And national pride is something else! Xati, such "patriots" from the feline we have quite a few already and the Russian blue became a "national"!!!breed, despite the fact that bred this breed in England, and used in the breeding lines of the Netherlands, Hungary, England...

Shevchenko Elena
the expert of MFA - MCAF - ICF

    Siberians on their efforts and results on the world stage now are no different from all other breeding breeds'. They are very popular in USA, Germany, Sweden. There are nurseries in such distant countries as Singapore, Australia, South Africa, you can find links to catteries in 34 countries Of the world on the Siberian cattery search page, and these are only those catteries that have websites on the Internet, and then in fact, there are many more! The descendants of the leading kennels of Russia in recent years increasingly go to contests Best of Best, get the highest ranks of organizations such as FIFe, TICA, WCF. Already there was a Grand champion CFA among Siberians.