Important information about the rules for the sale of nursery Vlasta Line

DEAR potential owners of our Siberian kittens.

All kittens born in the cattery Vlasta Line are registered on the system WCF.

Our Siberian kittens leave the breeder's house at the age of not less 13 weeks, after deworming and full vaccination (against viral diseases: rhinotracheitis, kalitsiviroza, panleukopenia and rabies). Kittens come out of the nursery socialized, accustomed to the tray and scratching posts.

When selling a kitten veterinary certificate is issued with a note on vaccination produced (by age) and the contract. Kittens that are sold without the right to breed have a corresponding mark "not for breeding" (NOT for BREEDING) in the metric and pedigree.

For kittens traveling to another country or city are issued all the necessary veterinary documents. We have accumulated the necessary experience for the organization of long-distance travel with animals. Our kittens live in the US, England, Germany, Australia, Norway, Italy.

Price stipulates specifically for each kitten, it depends on the color, type of kitten, the genotype of its exhibition and breeding prospects. All conditions are stipulated in the contract. Future owners of kittens contract can be sent by e-mail.

We are interested in the exhibition and breeding career of our best kittens, so the most outstanding animals are offered primarily to experienced breeders.

Animals that have a special breeding value, remain in the nursery. We are interested in the development and expansion of breeding opportunities, raising pedigree qualities of animals, improving their lives. At sale of such animals, preference is given to the people wishing and ready to get animal breeding for our nursery. For those who live in Moscow and the Moscow region, we are ready to offer joint work.

We are always in contact with the owners of our kittens and are always ready to help them with care tips. Our customers are given a memo on feeding and caring for a kitten.

The reservation of a kitten:

To reserve a kitten, a prepayment of 50% of its cost is made. The contract of purchase and sale of a kitten is signed. (In case of refusal of the kitten after the prepayment, the prepayment is not refundable).

If you are interested in Siberian kitten of a certain color and you are ready to wait for the appearance of a kitten in our cattery, then you can make a preliminary application for a kitten.

You can send a request for a kitten by e-mail.